Procrastireads: What's your story, morning glory?

We all have stories to share. As a PR and communications consultant, I help brands everywhere tell theirs. How can you help team members identify the untold stories within your company? Here are three ways to uncover great tales within your organization.

Sometimes finding that story is a challenge. Coming up with new stories, campaigns, features - how do you do your best creative thinking? Try workplace meditation. I meditate twice a day -- 20 minutes each time -- and I swear it's the only thing that keeps me sane, creative, and able to sustain the levels of energy I need to get it all done.

There are thousands of apps to pick from, some brilliant and some, not so much. Tech writer Farhad Manjoo recently shared some of his favorites to help with organization, productivity, and creativity. Which apps can you not live without? How do you work?

Failure is sometimes a lesson more important than success. Failing teaches resilience. There is always something to be learned. Christina Wallace shared her experience saying “it's incredibly powerful and liberating to live through your worst-case scenario.” Read the interview here.