Procrastireads: Random Thoughts and Stuff and Things


I find my busy schedule (and NOT GETTING OLDER, NO WAY NO HOW) doing me no favors and if you’re anything like me, remembering where I left my keys (usually in my work bag or the fridge or the car) or retaining information from articles or conversations is getting harder by the day. I'm a great note-taker, and ready to get even better at it!

Sometimes reading articles, having weird hobbies, or interesting conversations will inspire creativity. How do you get your creative juices flowing? Check out these tips on how to push your creative boundaries.

I personally find I am my most creative (and productive) when I feel the pressure of a deadline. Some call it procrastination; I think of it more as maximizing my creative productivity time. But really, is procrastination really a problem?  I mean this I tag these posts Procrastireads for a reason, right?

Packing for a trip usually takes me absurdly longer than it should - a girl’s got to have options! I know this, so I always clear my schedule and start early the night before to allow enough time to pack, and take things out and repack. I know I should not procrastinate this, but at least I don’t do it the morning of! Maybe not the best method, but it works for me. Here are some other tips to help you pack your carry-on.