I'm hiring!

Now Hiring:  Communications Assistant
You know that feeling when you have more work than you can handle and you don’t know where to start, so you just sit there spooning Nutella into your mouth while scrolling through your Twitter feed, procrastinating, hoping you won’t have to work until midnight every day for the rest of your life?

Welcome to my world.  As an entrepreneur with a thriving PR and branding company, I have my hands full with a broad range of projects, and I need help!  I need a part-time assistant … someone who:

  • can write really well and do research;

  • thinks and asks great questions (dumb questions, too; that’s how ya learn);

  • takes detailed notes on conference calls and gets them to me very soon after;

  • pays attention to detail;

  • is proficient with Google docs and Evernote;

  • is organized and good at anticipating outcomes;

  • has done basic database management (MailChimp, Constant Contact);

  • has solid, proven experience in blogging, social media, and some design (Hootsuite, Canva, Piktochart, SquareSpace, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.);

  • is well read, watches TV, listens to podcasts, and follows the news;

  • understands the basics of how Washington works;

  • isn’t phone-phobic; and

  • wants to get great PR and communications experience


I’m not gonna lie, your tasks will be all over the place.  Some will be awesome.  Others will be really boring and probably even annoying.  One day you might be writing a draft media statement or pulling a media list, and another day you’ll be finding a local volunteer color guard for an event at the Press Club.  Or, you might have to do some grocery shopping for a food column I’m writing, and then drop off stuff at FedEx before doing a deep dive online for some client research.

I have clients and business dealings in a wide variety of topic areas, so tell me all about your PR and communications experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biomedical research, disease advocacy, disability and inclusion, exercise/health/nutrition, food and cooking, government relations, branding, social media, and community building.

Now, the boring stuff:
Part-time (approximately 10-15 hours/week to start; could go full-time later in 2016)
Work times flexible; daytime availability preferred
Ability to work from your home or mine (Takoma Park)
Car preferred, but not required
Compensation based on experience


Interested?  Send me your resume and a few writing samples; and, in your email tell me a little about yourself, and include links to any work you’ve done you think I should know about.

Anticipated start date:  January 4, 2016

Carol Blymire
Subject Line:  Communications Assistant